Hello, please tell us about yourselves briefly :)

We're Loic and Swann Joachim – co-founders and designers of lownn. We live in Paris and we have graphic art and space design background.

We were wholesale managers before starting Lownn and we decided to stop to focus on a project that was important to us, to satisfy our passion until the end.

At the same time, we were taking photos for our site, the Joachim brothers, which we also stopped today to focus on our brand. We have always been passionate about clothing so we wanted to achieve us in this environment.

Lownn is a combined acronym of your names (Loïc & Swann Joachim) which is such a brilliant idea to create a name. Who’s idea was it? How did you come up with it?

We found the idea together, we didn't want a complicated name. We wanted a one-syllable word that didn't exist and was easy to remember. Choosing the acronym of our two names to name our project seemed to us the most appropriate.

From bloggers to fashion designers, what made you make such a big change?

We have always loved and tried to get quality products with fabrics that stand out, often we even like to rework the pieces directly. But at some point we found a limit in this process, we wanted to reconcile our artistic liabilities with our passion around clothing so that's why we decided to create our own clothes.

Digital platforms seem to be inseparable part of you. What does SNS mean to you and how do you think this will evolve in the future?

SNS for us is a online way to share your interest, your work or creation and to create relationship around that. As digital technology advances quickly, people will have interesting and new creative ways to share their world and experiences.

Many people are fascinated by your creative touch on the traditional workwear. But why utility clothes? How come you picked this specific category?

This category has always interested us because it's timeless and functional. We have a very strong taste for uniforms and the identity it gives off.

Have you ever thought about giving your clothes a color variation besides monochrome?:)

Yes we have already thought about it but it is not something that corresponds to our identity. But nothing is impossible.

Speaking of monochrome, what is the most important aspect when you choose fabrics?

When we choose a fabric we pay attention to it's quality, provenance, feel and firmness. The choice of fabric is very important to us because it is one of the primary criteria that allows clothing to stand out.

How did you start working with TGH?

Tom Greyhound is the first concept store who trusted us. We went to present our models to David and he gave us our chance. And that's how we started to work with them - with our first pants!.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Our inspiration comes mainly from the world of work, military and classic. We observe a lot what we see in everyday life, the people around us. The workers challenge us with their uniforms and their pragmatic side. We also like to go to military depots to find new inspirations, for the aesthetic side of the clothes and for their functional side. We do sketches of what we like so then we can adapt it to our creations..

Could you share us your recent playlist?


What is your final goal?

Continue to express ourseves through our creations and keep sharing the universe of Lownn.


Clothes by lownn are available at the store & online.

Image Credits: lownn

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