The Profound Rhythm of
Korean Abstract Art

May 09 2018

From May 9th, you can discover our carefully selected print
editions of contemporary Korean artists at Tom Greyhound store.

The exclusively limited edition pieces by iconic Korean artists,
Kim Whanki, Kim Tschang-Yeul and Park SeoBo, are numbered
and signed by the artists themselves(or the artist foundations)
which makes each print has its own originality.

Feel free to get a closer look at these beautiful art works and
feed your heart and soul at Tom Greyhound!

The Profound Rhythm of Korean Abstract Art

Photo via Print Bakery

Kim Whanki 1913~1974

5-Ⅳ-71 #200 Universe

39.4x39.4inch / Pigment printing

24-Ⅸ-73 #320

 39.4x28inch / Pigment printing

"Belonging to the first generation of Korean Abstract artists,
he mixed oriental concepts and ideas with abstraction, refining and
moderating formative expression based on Korean Lyricism, creating
his characteristic art world by using diverse hues and patterns."

Kim Tschang-yeul 1929~

Known for his iconic images of drops of water, Kim is a part of first generation of modern artists in South Korea. He started out as part of the Art Informel Movement in South Korea, and lived most of his adult life in Paris, where he built his own unique style of painting.

“The Waterdrop is the starting point for a singular and
iconic body of work, which stands at the confluence of
lyrical abstraction, Pop Art and Chinese calligraphy.

This simple and limpid œuvre subtly fuses Taoist wisdom,
modern conceptual irony and the tragedy of war.”


28.6x23.9inch / Pigment printing

Park Seo-Bo 1931~

Park is one of major figures in the Korean Monochrome (Dansaekwha). Abstract Expressionism and Art Informel were the dominant foreign influence in Post-War Korean Art, which was also deeply reflected by the Korean ink-painting tradition and Buddhist philosophy. He said that the repetitive gestures and monochromatic environments of these works are a way of emptying the painting the self, and achieving a unity with the nothingness in nature.

Ecriture 描法 No.130305

35.3x46inch / Pigment printing

Ecriture 描法 No.218-85

31.6x21.7inch / Pigment printing

“Even though my paintings may represent an idea about culture, the main focus is based on nature,
I want to reduce the idea and emotion in my work to express only that.
I want to reduce and reduce—to create pure emptiness.”

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