Meet the designer of WALK OF SHAME

Meet the designer of WALK OF SHAME

March 02 2018

Founded in Moscow in 2011, the hottest Russian label Walk Of Shame is grabbing more attention internationally with the successful debut at New York fashion week last year.

The re-creation of post soviet culture with its kitschy yet flashy glamorous styling, Walk Of Shame seems to truly represent the fascinating energy of young fashion crowd in Russia.

We had an interview with the charming designer Andrey Artyomov, so get to know a little bit more about the brand here! And don't miss the Walk Of Shame display at our shop window during the Paris Fashion week until next week!

For those who do not yet know you, tell us a little bit about yourself and the brand idea. And the brand name Walk Of Shame, what does it mean, anything in particular?

I am designer faculty graduate, born in Ufa, Russia. I was then working with Evelina Khromtchenko in L'Officiel Russia as a fashion editor, for 7 years, I was also working as a freelance stylist with many Russian designers. But as my profession is costume design, I decided to get back to my roots. The brand name was proposed to me by my friend Charlotte Phillips, she said “Walk of Shame - it's you!” I think it is true cause I was 26 at the moment and I wanted to start my own brand. It was a period of loud and fun Moscow summer nightlife and parties. Of course it is a bit spontaneous, but it's working perfectly now.

I create clothes I personally love, I have many things that inspire me, starting with pop culture, social references, history of the costume, art and many more.

What inspired you to be a designer?

I’ve chosen this profession when I was at 9th grade at school. I have started attending design and art drawing lessons. Maybe it was Vogue Russia that appeared at that time, or my favorite movies of the 90s, now I can’t tell for sure.

The brand's main mood has been the modernized flashy aesthetics of post-Soviet culture, how will this evolve in the future?

I think that we usually use this post-Soviet aesthetics in our styling, shoots and in the presentation. It is all about the atmosphere around clothing, as for example those Tom Greyhound windows we made this year.. Post-Soviet culture also inspires me for logo creation, as for example those road signs from Ufa, that we used on the SS18 collection t-shirts.

I was using post-Soviet aesthetics before I have started my own brand, I was using it during my stylist career and I continue to use this culture as one of the references.

Of course I want to tell the story about my childhood and youth and of course it is connected with post-Soviet culture, among others.

The inspiration for the SS 18 collection was drawn from your youth and your hometown Ufa, could you please describe further more about this? And do you usually seek inspiration from your childhood?

As this photoshoot was made for New York presentation of our SS18 collection, I have decided to show my hometown because there my personality was formed, as well as my designer and stylist skills.

The inspiration that I take from my childhood was always included in my works, when I was working as a stylist.

All the photos were taken by my friend Alexey Kiselev. I`ve met him around 15 years ago and since then we are creating together and of course we take post-Soviet culture, including soviet architecture or Russian province, as a reference.

I wanted to share this gorgeous Russian nature, it is sad, wild, unique, so romantic and gentle. We decided to choose a girl from Ufa, and with Ulya Trukhina, she always helps me with the casting, we have found Arina. All these references from my childhood can be found everywhere in my collections, whether it is Will & Grace inspired logo, or road sign t-shirt. Our styling may be also inspired by our mom's photos in front of VDNH fountains in Moscow or Sochi seaside.

Concerning my collections - the inspiration is always seasonal, thematic, I usually choose a style icon or a movie, classic or contemporary artists as Yunhee Min or Malevich, depending on the collection and the season.

What do you think is the main strength that led to the international success of Walk Of Shame?

I hope that it is sincerity of the brand, that our clients like.

What kind of feeling do you hope the customer who wears Walk of shame would have?

Ease of clothing, this kind of relaxed style. I like when girls admire themselves in Walk of Shame clothing.

If you design something other than the products of your brand, what would it be?

I would really like to design my own home. And as my favorite type of shopping is pharmacy shopping, I would be happy to create some medicine packaging.

If you collaborate with other brands in the future, what brand would you pick to collaborate and what kind of item?

I would like to create some t-shirts with Slava Zaitsev, legendary Russian designer. I think our logos could be really cool.

For those who travelling to Moscow, would you like to share your favorite places?

Simachev Shop & Bar with best music in town and best kitchen 24/7, Cutfish or Remy Kitchen for a lunch or dinner, Garage museum as a perfect contemporary art center, and VDNH, just like pyramids of Egypt, memorial to the great utopia that has never actually existed. Also those little streets near Kitay-Gorod, with untouched architecture. I also recommend visiting Moscow in the Spring, my favorite season of the year.

Please tell me your final goal as a fashion designer and as one person.

To be always happy with my work while I am a designer.

Photo via Walk Of Shame
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