Hello! Although everyone already knows you, please tell us about yourself briefly :)

 Hello! My name is Rok and I am the creative director of the brand ROKH. We like to experiment on the clothing and find the beautiful moment while constructing the garments.

You were born in Seoul, grew up in Austin, studied in London, debuted in Paris, what does each of these cities mean to you and how did these various cities influence you?

 In many ways, encountering different cultures and different environments helps me to connect and link with the places I have lived emotionally. It is easy to imagine the stereotype culture but often when you live in the city, you start seeing different aspects and also you have different interpretation of the culture that you encountered. So, in this perspective, I think I am writing my own story of my experience of multi-cultural influence.



Which of the above affected you the most so far, in forming your identity? Or is there any other place?

 For me I want to have some storytelling and fantasy within the brand. As the brand is very personal and it is the visual narration and diary of my own experience. In the beginning of the brand for the very first and second season it was about expressing who I am and sharing my own fragility and emotion through visual communication. But more the collection progress and also the story progress, I wanted to share independent and artistic side of the story of rokh with more characteristic.


Your collection has been certainly a huge success from the beginning. What do you think was the key factor?

Thank you for such kind compliment. There have been so many amazingly talented friends like Tom Greyhound, continuously support and sharing the mutual story has been one of the strong factor of our story. We are still in the beginning stage of the brand so we only hope we could bring more excitement and beautiful stories in the industry.



What motivated you to focus youth cultures on your collection?

Youth culture and the attitude is one of the fundamentally the most important aspect of our brand. It doesn’t necessarily mean that rokh would be doing youthful clothing. For me, youth culture is the attitude. It is about rebellious mind and constant challenge to unknown. It is different to the story telling of the brand, but it is the attitude that I believe.



You worked for Celine, Louis Vuitton and Chloe after graduating Central Saint Martins. What do you think is the most different between working in real fashion fields and studying fashion at school?

 School and industry have different responsibilities, but I still believe all aspects are real fashion. At Central Saint Martins, we did lots of experimental elements on the clothing and I still love that aspect of challenge and sharing my creation with friends at school. But isn’t that the same when you are working at fashion? There will be so many other responsibilities but I still want to believe that the goal is the same.

It’s a cliche question, we apologize in advance :) Could you explain your experience working with Phoebe Philo?

My experience with her was most aspiring. She is true visionary and really honest and direct creative director that I have met. Always true to the vision and creating objects and clothing with much sensitivity and understanding of women. I truly feel honoured to share the moment with her.



Out of curiosity, is there any specific reason why you always wear the same cap?

My dad gave me this Cap (which I am wearing at the moment!) when I was very young. I somehow got very used to wearing this Cap and got to repair it so many times. It is something that I feel very emotionally connected and feel strange to also not have it on ! :)


How did you start working with Tom Greyhound?

Tom Greyhound is such beautiful store and has carefully selected curational items. I love the warm and personal approach of the store which makes it so special. I met David in South of France and naturally we started the working relationship.


Where do you usually get inspiration from and catch the theme of your collection?

 Usually, I want to share my own experience and personal stories into the collection. It doesn’t have to be directly connected to the exact event or happening, but I like to work with the emotion and the mood from my memory.

This way, I feel very connected to the collection and emotionally very attached to each creation.

Last collection was about sharing my experience walking at night time when you are young. Mysterious mood and adventurous feeling. Also, when you met your friends you start feeling strong and invincible… this is some of the idea and the mood that I wanted to share with my viewers.



What is your final goal?

 I want ROKH to be independent Maison where we create beautiful objects and bring much exciting collection each and every season. I want to not compromise and keep our vision and story.


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